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Who is Mr. Know it All?

Chuck is currently a Props, Prosthetics, and Practical Effects artist for the movie industry.  With a vast technical background, Chuck produced one of the first subscribable podcasts about 10 years ago.  He served in the Army in Europe, he has worked as a maintenance man, worked tech support for IBM, been in startup companies, is a 20-year entrepreneur, installed WiFi in sports arenas, ran a Internet broadcast TV company, husband and father, and currently makes monsters and props seen in movies.  Chuck still works in tech, tinkering with all kinds of projects, and knows a little about a lot.

Matt – well, Matt is just a smartass.  He has lived all over the country, including Hawaii.  He has a background in Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Carpentry, and raising a family. Is a self-professed “Right Wing Gun Nut”, but can hold a discussion on an amazing array of subjects.  Just ask, he’ll tell you anything he thinks you need to know!